Videos of some passing specials

Much as we'd like to, we can't always be at the Old Ticket Office when a special passes through. Those that we do record will be posted to the Culham Ticket Office YouTube channel with links below.

Rather than standing on the platform or on the footbridge we sometimes video trains going by from inside the ticket office platform bay window. This gives a safe and more unusual viewpoint. An alternative is looking over the platform fence by the footbridge steps. Public access to the old platform 2 upon which the Old Ticket Office stands is strictly forbidden by Network Rail on safety grounds. We have become concerned that on a number of occasions the odd person has ignored both the signs and our verbal warnings choosing to stand or set up equipment on the platform outside the office. This is dangerous as trains can pass the narrow platform at high speed and we would encourage visitors to act in a responsible way at all times and to obey all safety notices.

Please note that YouTube has changed the way it works and instead of stopping at the end of the chosen video it now displays a gallery of other available videos. There is no way we can over-ride this as YouTube have removed this option. You can therefore now choose to watch something else from this gallery, or simply close the video screen and, if you wish, choose another one directly from this page as previously.

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The collection of videos has grown rather large over the years and in order to make the pages load quicker it has been split into smaller parts.
The latest videos feature here, and there are links on each page to navigate up or down through the collection.

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Click or tap on any thumbnail to watch the video on our YouTube channel.

61264 Mayflower 61264 Mayflower
61306 Mayflower, 27th June 2019
Return leg (left) outward leg (right)
HST 125 farewell tour HST 125 farewell tour HST 125 farewell tour
GWR Castle class 7029 Clun Castle
175th anniversary celebrations, 15th June 2019
HST 125 farewell tour
HST 125 farewell tour
1st June 2019
GWR Castle class 7029 Clun Castle
7029 Clun Castle
18th May 2019
LNER class A3 60103 Flying Scotsman
A poorly Flying Scotsman
5th May 2019
DRS 68033
DRS 68033
19th April 2019
LMS Stanier class 5MT 44871
44871 Stanier class 5MT
12th December 2018
SR Merchant Navy Class 35028 Clan Line
35028 Clan Line
24th November 2018
LNER class A4 60009 Union of South Africa
Union of South Africa
28th June 2018
LNER class A4 60009 Union of South Africa
Union of South Africa
16th June 2018
LNER class A3 60103 Flying Scotsman
60103 Flying Scotsman
31st May 2018
LMS Stanier class 5MT 45212
45212 Stanier class 5MT
15th May 2018
BR standard class 7 70013 Oliver Cromwell
70013 Oliver Cromwell
10th February 2018

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