Plan a visit

The address and postcode for the Old Ticket Office is Entikera Ltd (trading as, The Old Ticket Office, Platform 2, Culham Railway Station, Station Road, CULHAM OX14 3BT

The office is closed outside normal working hours and at other times when the need arises, so it would be advisable to telephone us on 01865-408197 before making a special journey.

By Car

The Old Ticket Office is located off the main A415 just over two miles from Abingdon and close to the Culham Science Centre. Limited free car parking is available next to the Ticket Office, or over the footbridge by the Railway Inn.

By Bus

Reductions in services and routes means that travelling to the station by bus is no longer a viable option.

By train

You could of course always travel by train. Certain GWR services between Oxford and Paddington do stop at Culham. These tend to be geared towards morning and late afternoon commuters, with a couple also stopping around lunch time. It would be wise to check the timetables before planning a trip. Culham station is unmanned and so is sadly not particularly suitable for disabled access though it is possible to cross the line by means of the old road bridge.

On Foot

A few intrepid travellers have popped in to see us whilst exploring the local paths, or on their way to/from the Thames Footpath. As can be seen from the map above this would involve a fair detour though.

Please note:

When visiting the station members of the public are not allowed onto the old Platform 2 upon which stands the Old Ticket Office. The station itself is operational with fast trains passing throughout the day, so sensible care must be taken at all times to ensure one's own safety and that of others. Children should always be kept under adult supervision.
All visitors to the Old Ticket Office do so at their own risk, no responsibility will be accepted by Entikera Ltd. for any loss or injury howsoever caused.

Free parking is available on the station forecourt, or over the line by the Railway Inn.

Wheelchair logo

No public facilities of any type exist either in the Old Ticket Office or at the station itself.
Access into the building and Waiting Room is through a wide doorway and up one small step. The door between here and the inner office is however very narrow and not suitable for wheelchairs. It is possible to cross between platforms step free by means of the old road bridge.
Caution should be exercised by anyone doing so as there are no footpaths and it is still open to traffic.